I re-read this book yesterday, and for those who don’t know it, yet, here are some reasons why you should get your very own copy today:

- it’s a queer retelling of Cinderella; yes, fairy tales for queer women exist

- and thus, female protagonist, female side characters, females everywhere

- there’s a love story in there, but it’s really about Ash growing up; most of the book focuses on her as an individual (and her journey is SO beautiful)

- in this universe it’s a matter of course that women fall in love with men or women—the first time a same sex couple is mentioned it’s so casual that I had to read the sentence three times before fully understanding its awesomeness

- evil doesn’t exist—Ash’s stepmother and stepsisters are deliciously mean, and there is no point in the story where they (with the exception of the younger Grace) are redeemed; at the same time, though, their point of view is voiced, so that it’s easy to understand their position.

Yes, that means there are female characters you’re supposed to dislike and it’s not sexist. How about that.

- Fairies and magic make sense

- femmes and tomboys co-exist in harmony; both are badass

- there are some extremely cool feminist statements in this book, but it’s all so casual that it doesn’t come across as a lecture (although, some sentences practically punched me in the face)

- it’s really romantic, and not in the sappy way

- Everything you feel is right! There are no disappointments in this book.


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