Lucy Quinn Fabray - an incomplete tragedy

Just because I can’t get over it:

Lucy Quinn Fabray grew up in an uptight religious household with a father who barely loved her and a co-dependent mother who did everything she could to maintain the image that her family was perfect. She willingly sacrificed her daughter for that (but I’ll come to this later).

She was an overweight kid who never managed to reach the goals her parents had set for her. So as a result of her insecurities (and most likely bullying she suffered at school and at home) she went through plastic surgery and a caraaazy diet to become the porcelain doll her parents wanted her to be.

She’s repressed, sexually as well as overall emotionally due to her upbringing. She was taught to be a soul-less leader.

The bullied became the bully, because Quinn Fabray had never been told how to just get along. She bathed in her new found popularity her beauty granted her and worked her ass off in order to not only maintain a straight A level record, but also to become head cheerio (bear in mind that Lucy was most likely not very sporty). 

She climbed the social ladder all the way up without making any real friends, not because she didn’t want to have friends. In fact, all she wants is somebody to love her, as she later tells us. But simply, because she doesn’t know how to have friends, just as she doesn’t know how to love someone.

Lucy never had friends, because of how she looked. Ironically enough, Quinn never had friends, because of how Lucy looked. 

No one loves Lucy Quinn Fabray.

No one.

So she treats her boyfriend like crap, because he doesn’t really like her anyway; he just likes that she’s a Cheerio and he’s a quarterback who bullies queer kids, so it’s reasonable for them to date.

But then Finn decides he’s got it bad for the loser of the school. 

In other words: Lucy changed everything she was to become her exact opposite and this person who was supposed to be the Lucy at McKinley steals her boyfriend, parading around everything Lucy wanted to get rid of, including the nose.


Her insecurities she’s trying to overcome drive her to sleep with Puck, who doesn’t mind that she’s drunk and probably doesn’t really want it and lets him know that she’s insecure about her looks and that’s the reason she wants sex.

This is her first, and only, sexual experience and of course, she falls pregnant right away.

But no one can know, because no one loves Lucy Quinn Fabray. She’s got to find a way to deal with this on her own.

This all happens before she’s 17 years old.

Luckily her teacher’s wife is just like her mom a manipulative bitch and in desperate need for a baby. So yet again, Quinn finds herself being pressured into making a life altering decision.

She’s a rag doll and she behaves like one. No one loves her and she doesn’t love anyone back, not even herself. She pushes herself from Puck to Finn and back and forth between keeping the baby or giving it up and there is no adult present to guide her.

Then her boyfriend decides to serenade her in front of her parents, although she asked him not to and she’s kicked out.

Then her boyfriend finds out that the baby is not his and she’s kicked out again.

Where are the adults on this show???

Despite everything Quinn finds it in herself to quit bullying Rachel and form some kind of friendship with her, even though she still resembles everything she hates about herself and now even has her boyfriend. 

Eventually she gives her baby to Shelby, Rachel’s mom, who will later sleep with Puck, who’s also made out with Rachel and in one of his glorious moments tells her: “I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU.”

Not that Lucy Quinn Fabray really needed to hear this. She already knows that no one cares about her.

The skank thing is just a stress reliever. No one loves her. She’s got nothing left to lose, as she says herself. So if no one cares, why should she? She smokes, she harrasses kids, she does whatever the fuck she wants and she finally even turns her back on Glee by teaming up with Sue.

Where are the adults on the show, you ask?

Well, Will is there: “Congratulations you’re trainwreck.” he says. “The only one you care about is yourself.” he says. What a lie. She doesn’t care about herself. No one does.

But after Shelby blackmails her by refusing to let her see Beth until she changes her appearance she goes back to blonde and everyone is happy go lucky, because Quinn is back and when Quinn is blonde everything’s awesome.

No one questions anything. No one is ever truly there for her.

So she freaks again. She wants to see her baby more often. She wants to be her mom. She panics and regrets her decision to give up Beth and she goes all crazy town. 

The adults on the show stay silent.

Except for Shelby who sleeps with Puck, because she’s also bananas.

I can only guess what Quinn must have thought when she got to know this, but i can’t really blame her for being entirely nuts in such a scenario. I think I would have done way worse than her, actually. 

Bear in mind that she’s still only seventeen (yea, Shelby said 18, but Quinn said 17 three episodes later so I’ve decided to ignore shitty writing and take Quinn by her word instead).

Her former nemesis manages to talk her out of stealing Beth and it becomes terribly clear that the person that Quinn hated for so many reasons is the only one who truly cares about her.

So she decides to be a better person. For herself. For Rachel. For what Rachel stands for: freedom.

She gets into yale and declares herself independent from all the boy drama and for the first time in her life she’s happy.

Then Rachel decides to flush all of this down the drain by risking her future and marrying Finn. Finn who Quinn knows too well. Finn who has no dreams of his own. Finn who never loved Quinn and stayed together with her for her reputation while bullying queer kids.

And she panics again.

In the end, though, she decides to support her one and only friend, because, because… I don’t know. We never got to see that part. 

Why does she decide to support that marriage, dear Glee writers? 

I can only guess and say it’s because she wants Rachel to be happy no matter what and there’s nothing really she can do about it anyway. She doesn’t want to be excluded from the marriage and lose her friend, because Rachel means to much to her. Too far fetched? I don’t know. 

And then she is hit by a truck.

And now Lucy Quinn Fabray, the girl who was never loved by anyone, who was pressured into sex just to fall pregnant, who changed everything she is back and forth and had exactly two seconds of happiness in the hell that is her life, will be




That’s not a story. That’s pure hatred for a character you want to get rid of.


Maybe we should make one of these “here’s what you missed on Glee”s and send it to the writers. Because they clearly have no clue who their characters are.


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