My favorite thing about Anders is that when he makes a pass at me and I turn him down he gets mad at me because I’m “trying to control his thoughts”. 

No. I’m a lesbian and you’re acting like the average fedora wearing creep mansplaining about being friendzoned. Also, have I mentioned I’m a lesbian? Boundaries, you creep. It’s called boundaries.

I do think Mr Broody Manpain Fenris is overrated.

But at least he’s not an aryan dude whose looks and personality resemble a potato.

Think about it.

Yes, I called the Inquisitor “warden”. Yes, I’m ashamed.

Anonymous said: I'm a lil worried about sera in DAI being written by a man


I think we all are Dx i dream of a world where lesbian characters are regularly written by actual lesbians who knows if i’ll live long enough to see it

I am worried, too, but here’s how I suppress all worries: I think about

- Sera’s story will not revolve around that guy she likes

- even if you do not romance Sera she will not hook up with guys

- no party banter in which Sera flirts with guys

- think of the fanfiction; no Sera/male warden stories

- Sera will not be reduced to her womb

It’s not going to be perfect. One lesbian character can not and will not equal fair representation. But we now have one female character who is not available to males. 

I’m serious. Think about it and tell me you don’t feel better immediately. 

(this is not to dismiss the absolutely valid point that we need more lesbian writers hired in any genre)

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It is SO satisfying to be able to hug Leliana. And you can do it outside of camp, too! 

And my dalish warden doesn’t mysteriously grow. She actually tilts her head up so she can fit her chin on Leliana’s shoulder. 

Guess who gets a hug before every single important battle now.

Now I’m going to have do another Origin playthrough.

Oh dear.

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I’m currently teaching myself thumb slapping on guitar. This tutorial is really, really good, so I thought I’d share.

I’ll try to find a place to watch it, always looking for movies…

Yes or No, the whole movie with English subs.

I’ve watched it way too many times.


This woman is the reason why I became a supporter of radical feminism.

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selfcareafterrape just told a bisexual teenage girl who was seeking help about how to handle her relationships that her sexuality is fluid.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

A girl comes to you, tells you that she was raped and that she is now repulsed by men, and the best you have to offer is “your sexuality is not set in stone”. 

I’m outraged about their comment about lesbians, of course. But what really upsets me is how intrusive and harmful the whole message is. 

That girl wasn’t even looking to relabel her identity. She was looking for advice on how to survive in a conservative town while living with her conservative parents when she doesn’t wish to date boys because she has been raped.

You don’t tell teenage girls that their sexuality changes (the implication is ALWAYS that one day she’ll like men). And you certainly do not tell that to a teenage girl who has been intruded upon in the most horrid way. 

As adults we owe teenage girls so much more than that.



'lesbian' has completely lost all meaning

words regarding women have lost all meaning

'lesbian” has completely lost all meaning

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coming this fall on Fox/NBC/AMC: this ruggedly handsome white man is an asshole who treats everyone terribly but… there’s a twist… he’s Good at His JOB…

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