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Radical feminists claim they want to listen to detransitioners, so here it is; Listen:


If you think you know enough about sex dysphoria to publicly proclaim transition a viable option, then you know enough to start helping detransitioners work on better alternatives.

Not up to the task? Then you’re not qualified to defend transition as “medical necessity.” Here I am y’all, living what I write about and inconvenient as hell for those of you working hard to stay on the “right” side of trans politics so as not to alienate trans people. I am one example among others who decimate the claim that transition is a medical necessity for the sex dysphoric. The results of medical transition were not only unhelpful for me, they were dangerous to my existence.

My strong reaction to this line of thinking is not crazy or self-centered or misguided: it’s a reaction I have out of sanity, concern for others, and a conviction that this particular knowledge I have is one the most important things I can share with others. For that reason, I refuse to stay silent while you approve treatment I have experienced as a drawn-out death.

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Male writer: Look at how cool this female protagonist is.

Male writer: I gave her emotional depth and all!

Male writer: Now… I don’t want to spoil her story by pushing her into a romance. She’s a little too young as well.

Male writer: But how do I make sure everybody knows she’s still a woman?

Male writer: I KNOW!

Male writer: She has to take care of a child! Women do that, right? Care for children.

Male writer: Genius.

Anonymous said: I love all this talk about Star Trek. Do you have a favourite character from any of the series'?

On TNG Guinan always put a smile on my face. I can’t say whether it’s my endless love for Whoopie Goldberg or the actual character. Probably both. 

On DS9 I loved Jadzia and Kira, of course. Up to the point where they were pushed into hetero romances. Especially Kira really got the short end, in my opinion. I mean, there’s this whole race of shapeshifters who mainly exist as a fluid matter, and somehow they are still heterosexual men and women? What? Oh, and Jadzia died, so that sucked badly.

On Voyager it’s Janeway. I really looked up to that woman. 

Anonymous said: Well, I don't know, there seems to be a lot of fake social justice blogs being made to make others think feminism is a bad thing.

that may be true; it wouldn’t suprise me, because I’ve also seen women getting more demanding, so it would make sense for men and brainwashed women to push back harder

what irritates me is how many people use “social justice” language to make it seem like women, especially those that in some way or other don’t conform to the concept of gender, are the oppressor; everything seems to be upside down

Anonymous said: I'm one hundred percent a feminist, but, is it me, or is there a recent backlash on tumblr against all kinds of social justice?

depends on what you consider “social justice” or “recent”

there has always been a constant backlash against women, especially lesbians, people of color, especially black people, and some other marginalized groups; it’s almost like white heteropatriarchy doesn’t want us to speak up or something

Someone told me today they didn’t use the word “feminist” because of the stigma surrounding it.


They use the word equality because feminists make people think about “lesbians that don’t shave.” WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY they should use the title feminist because they DON’T fit that stigma and can show the validity of the movement! -Tammy

Tammy has a bad case of lesbophobia.

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“ew girls have cooties!!” says the 3-year-old boy. he will not be laughing for long as a team of feminists are already on the way to beat him up

yeah, those evil, evil feminists; always beating up children

why are you all reblogging dan the white boy?

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loudmouthgeek said: 

I’ve just spent the last two weeks power (re-)watching Farscape. I hear that song in my sleep.

I knew I could count on you. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s something I’m working towards.

"Reach down into your heart and you’ll find many reasons to fight. Survival, honor, glory. But what about those who feel it’s their duty to protect the innocent? There you’ll find a warrior savage enough to match any dragon. And in the end, they’ll retain what the others won’t - their humanity."

Okay but are we arguing that in the context of DA humanity is much of a positive quality?

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I would compare templars to MRAs, tbh

"I have taken all these rights from these people"

"they’re kind of becoming desperate; why can’t they be nicer about being stripped off their basic human rights?"



What if “mages” are a metaphor for men and “templars” are a metaphor for radfems though? What then?

this would imply that radfems have established a system to control men to the point where they get to say where they’re raised, how they’re raised, what knowledge they obtain, what they eat, when they get to see the sun, what they wear; 

I mean, I am absolutely pro putting men through some kind of test to establish if they get to be an adult male or dead, but it’s not a concept that I see happening very soon

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maybe we can start spreading around the rumor that coffee is a girly drink and then men will stop drinking coffee for fear that it will make them seem less manly and then we can have ALL THE COFFEE TO OURSELVES

Yeah but let’s do it with breathing instead of drinking coffee.

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