"You’re not like other girls"

Yes actually I am. Girls are awesome, shut the fuck up.

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Anonymous said: Have you read anything by Sarah Waters?

Not much of a fan of Victorian society, but at least Fingersmith is definitely on my list. 

That being said, no, I haven’t read any of her books, yet. Do you have a recommendation where to start?

People don’t care about Lesbians because you don’t really care about women. You only care about the image—the dress, the make-up, the costume. This is why patriarchy still works. You’re demanding the female population make space for the caricature of a woman you created. Originally we were supposed to fit that description: Woman. You did everything in your power to force us into that artificial space. Yet here we are, diverse and unpleasant. So you discard us and keep the blueprint. We’re no people. We’re just an idea. Put on a dress and you’re more of a woman than the average Lesbian in her ‘mannish’ attire.



Speaking of that ‘Woman’ article picture on Wikipedia, I’d like to note that people are CELEBRATING that Sappho was removed from the entry to make room for Laverne Cox.

They don’t care about females, and they for damn sure don’t give a fuck about lesbians.  It’s more than a big deal too, because how many homosexual men are mentioned in history compared to homosexual women?

Gosh, I wish someone could edit that pic and change it back.

Keep putting pressure on the talk page. Don’t stop it. Never stop it.

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Fighting a game on hard mode is not a lot of fun when the main reasons that you die can be traced back to flawed game mechanics rather than flawed strategy. 

Some of my favorites are: 

- the game dies before I do

- characters don’t do what I tell them to do

- enemies randomly become invincible


This woman is the reason why I became a supporter of radical feminism.

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did u guys see me at the oscars


I hope you know what you’re doing by taking these gifs out of context to crack a joke. I hope you’re proud of yourself, too.

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My favorite part about the article about lesbian erasure is that the author states that responds from non-lesbians so far have been 

a) threats

b) accusations of erasure of trans people and bisexuals

and most importantly c) silence

She writes a piece about lesbians and the fact that nobody cares about us except when they can hate us, and the public reacts by not caring and trying to derail the topic.

acebeatriz replied to your post:Somewhere in the discussion she said: “Time is a…

Maybe she’s secretly one of the anons that harasses you on Tumblr.

haha, nah. anon hate is an act of cowardice. that woman takes pleasure in confronting me directly.

Somewhere in the discussion she said: “Time is a social construct.” and I think she meant it. 

I also think that’s a very good point, because yeah, the way we choose to measure time is an artificial construct. But even if we stopped paying attention the fucking earth would still revolve around the fucking sun.

I’m saying it’s a good point because like our understanding of time, gender, too, is made up entirely. And like the sun will revolve around the earth human beings will continue to be born with a biological sex. Oh.

It’s so weird talking to someone when you’re constantly like: “We speak the same language and I understood all of the words that you used, but the sentences you form contain zero information that I could respond to.”

And then they get upset because whatever you say doesn’t match what they were referring to. 


As we were walking to the bus she said: “it’s always so pointless to talk to men about this.” And I was like shhhhhh I need to take a nap.

That was after she had lectured me about that there’s no use of excluding men from feminist discourse.

How do I deserve this? I have too much adhd for this shit.

My coworker (female) who probably thinks I’m straight started a discussion with me by asking: do you think commercials are sexist even when women choose to participate?

A quick glance at the clock told me there was no way of dodging that as I still had four hours to cover.

I’m physically exhausted.

And I’m not even sure if she’s pro feminism or against it. She used arguments that sounded like both.

She also called the discussion fun. Fun! I will never understand straight women. Never.

I need to lie down.



im all for a tarzan remake where everything is the same but tarzan is a girl please and thank you

and in case ur wondering yes jane is still a girl they’re jungle lesbians you’re welcome

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